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Have you ever imagined a life outside of the box... full of travels, encounters and discoveries? "Surf, Travel and Freedom" is a lucid autobiographical tale that will make you dream - accompanying you through the choices, motivations and survival techniques of a pilgrim surfer.

Luca Bider has chosen to fulfill his dream, to chase the best waves on the planet full time, while living a simple, healthy & meaningful life. A passion born on the shores of the Mediterranean that led him to explore the Atlantic first, then the Pacific and finally the Indian Ocean.

Full of sensations and novelties, adventures and freedom, this first book is a clear example of an engaging breath of fresh air, a journey that faces the essence of life, where Luca, today a coach and independent entrepreneur based in Bali, Indonesia, takes you with him through the world of surfing, passions, fears, discoveries, the journey.

A text that is involving, fluent, universal, clean and positive. Proof that will is power, as if to demonstrate that some young Italians are continuing to look for a place in the sun, emigrating, today in search of the essence of life, no longer out of need for sustenance, but to need for freedom, travel, adventure.

Full of advice for independent travelers, reflections on the emotions felt, descriptions of dream landscapes, and careful in describing the inner changes, this non-fiction work is perfect for traveling without risk, for imagining new possible futures, for having constructive fun. Luca, an all-Italian Paul Theroux, will lift your spirit and open up to an underrated world, far from the lights of the show, from the cacophony of the Italian media, close to the essence of life, which is present in all of us.

Currently only available in Italian.
English version coming soon!

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