Live a simple, meaningful & fuller Life!

About Luca Bider

I have been through many life transformational experiences. From leaving my corporate job to become a surf coach, Life Coach, healer and Entrepreneur; from moving away from the city and now living on tropical islands; from feeling disconnected to nature, others and myself, to now being entirely happy, healthy and creating a new concept of success.

I was determined to live a simple and yet fuller life - and through gaining knowledge from the masters, acquiring various skills and tools, plus using my internal willpower - I created that exact reality for myself!

Here is my story and various life transformation adventures...

About - Healthy Living

Life Transformation 1 - HEALTHY LIVING

Sport has always been a large part of my life, keeping me busy and healthy throughout my adolescence, and still today. Karate, tennis, swimming, it made all the difference when I was growing up. However, I was very thin, and I suffered from breathing problems, complicated by various ruptures of the nasal septum. So, I had to learn how to take care of my body, know how to deal with the fatigue, the tensions and the sleep difficulties.

At the dawn of my 16th Birthday, I went through a significant change. An operation to open the nasal septa. The doctor said to me, "Now boy, you will breathe in a new way for the first time, no longer from your mouth."
From that moment on, I could breathe properly! I learned to train my body with better muscle and cardio-vascular results: swimming, surfing, running, cycling and bodyweight exercises during my high school years. I was unstoppable!
I went into the Italian military becoming more fit, skilled and fine-tuned.
It was my gym of life outside of the family.

About - Freedom

Life Transformation 2 - FREEDOM

Then corporate life happened. I started developing unhealthy lifestyle habits, as one does when living a busy, stressful life full of demands and deadlines. I experienced what it meant to live alone, focus on launching my corporate career and be promoted to manager by the age of 26, which was a massive achievement at such a young age. Even though I was in the nutrition and health industry, I could feel my health taking a back seat over my drive for achieving monetary success.
I looked up to my incredibly successful directors, and yet, when I examined their lives, they were unhealthy, unhappy, overweight, overworked, overwhelmed and not enjoying life. The whole concept of success in the corporate world is based on your paycheque, and you overcompensate your stress with short holidays during the year. To me, this wasn't living! I wanted to drive my own life rather than for it to be driven by others!

I was searching for freedom. I wanted to be autonomous and follow my passion instead of making money for others. It took me another five years, but eventually, I left my job in a positive way and on a profit. I turned 29 and in two weeks, left my ten-year corporate career, got married and decided to move overseas.

Canary Islands, Brazil, Tuscany become the ground for my new business and passion.

From 2006 to 2016, I had extraordinary years full of experiences, travel, personal and entrepreneurial evolution. I started off managing surf schools with international clients, then being involved with their PR, organizing surf and holistic events and managing businesses. At the same time, I also devoted myself to the study of various disciplines. These ranged from reflexology; to acupressure; NLP; and Life Coaching. During this time, I also got divorced and left any codependent relationships behind. Therefore adding to my freedom and living a life that was based on my instincts and intuition.


Life Transformation 3 - SPIRITUAL CONNECTION

I have travelled extensively, and my heart fell in love with South-East Asia. Not only because of the waves and incredible surf locations but also because of the local community. The Balinese culture is very different from the Catholic upbringing in which I grew up. Becoming part of a multiethnic community has enriched me. The locals live a simple life. They are warm, kind, happy and generous - even though they are not a wealthy nation. I learned that wealth doesn't only come from money. And that happiness is something we need to find within.

Travelling the world, I discovered that by having a deeper spiritual connection - and by connecting to nature, others and my higher self - was what would bring me true happiness. I have grown as a person by watching, embracing and experiencing new cultures. While living in Bali and Lombok, I also learned the benefits of living a simple Yogic lifestyle and how Yoga helps me to feel balanced, calm and of course improves my surfing. I completed my Yoga Teachers Training as well as my Shamanic Breathwork facilitation and Astrology certification. All of these modalities have taught me so much about my life and how to be more mindful.

About - Purpose

Life Transformation 4 - PURPOSE

Now, I am passionate about teaching others the shortcut to living a simple and yet fuller life. This is my purpose, and I am dedicated to taking all that I have learned and support others. I do this through my book; Life Coaching; sharing online content of yoga, meditation, surfing and coaching techniques; and through in-person events, Bali travel tours and guiding mystical journeys.

It's unbelievable how the right guidance can quickly empower you, saving precious time and money. Follow my journey and work with me to complete your big shift just as I did.

I am living a simple and fuller life, and it's time for you to do the same!



2005 - 2007
Sales Account Manager

Cardinal Health

1999 - 2005
Customer Service and Sales Account Manager

Professional Courses

2000 - Present:

  • Import Export, International Business, Trade, and Tax Law - Forma Temp - Milan 
  • Promoter - Forma Temp - Milan
  • Marketing & Product management - Il Sole 24 ore - Milan
  • Business Writing - Cardinal Health. UNIV. - Roma
  • Presentation Skills - C. H. Univ. - London
  • To conduct a Negotiation and to sell at a profit - Cegos - Milan
  • Salesmanship - Cegos - Milan
  • Company's Software driver course - Cegos - Milan.


Surf Coach

Sport, Life & Business Coach

2014 - 2015

Master in Coaching - Ekis

Bodywork Practitioner

2011 - 2013:

Practitioner Level II, Art Therapy/Therapist - Grinberg Method



200-hour YTT, Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Therapy - Alignment Center

Somatic Coach


Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Minister - Venus Rising Association for Transformation and University


Shamanic Astrology student - Venus Rising Association for Transformation and University


Reiki level 1 & 2 - Usui System with Reiki Master Catherine Wheeler


Luca speaks five languages - Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese & Indonesian (Bahasa)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)