Shortcut to inner wealth

Changing a financially rewarding but stressful career or lifestyle for a less pressing and less paid but more satisfying one.

What I am doing on this journey is to model people who have achieved their goals and I am convinced that I too can work in the ocean world.

A shortcut surely is to see how others have done and learn from it.

Our aim is to live off surfing while having fun, not become a millionaire and stressed!

Inner wealth and the ability to simplify our lives, downshifting, or “change career or lifestyle that is financially rewarding but stressful for a less pressing and less paid but more satisfying one.”, Are goals that we can cultivate right now.

Armed with the courage to break the old cultural chains, I return to Bali full of enthusiasm and set a series of small goals and actions to take, such as getting my resume around.

In fact, by insisting, I manage to introduce myself and work as a surf guide for a famous resort in Mentawai, Macaronis!

The Mentawai are a group of islands west of Sumatra, the seventh largest island on the planet.

Sumatra is crossed by the equator, has fifteen volcanoes, six of which are active, is covered with a lush green mantle, and is so rich in natural resources that it has always supported the economy of Indonesia.

In ancient language the term Samudra means ocean and even today Sumatra is recognized by surfers as one of the destinations with the most beautiful waves on the planet.

I was skeptical about being able to live off surfing. It seems only professional athletes can make it.

It is good to be skeptical, but not pessimistic. Optimism is always needed, it is the basis of living. We must stop complaining and plan our life as we like! In my non-fiction “Life, Essence and Freedom” I talk about it in depth

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    Where there is a will, there is a way.

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